FUHS Theatre
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Tech Crew

The FUHS tech crew is comprised of students who have an interest in technical theatre. Lead by Theatre Manager Joefferry Wenderlich and Assistant Theatre Manager Ruby Hernandez, the tech crew runs and operates all events hosted in the little theatre at FUHS. Students with an interest in stage managing, house managing, gripping, lighting design, sound design, and ushering should apply.

Placement in the group is application based. Those applications are available at the beginning and end of the school year.

Joefferry Wenderlich, Theatre Manager

Ruby Hernandez, Assistant Theatre Manager

Tate Heinle, Shop Manager

Emma Kremer, Costume Manager

Sydney Castiglione, House Manager

Calvin Tate, Light Board Operator

Tim Coleman, Sound Board Operator

Adam Rooney, Sound Board Operator

Levi Hannum, Stage Crew

Kai Chavez, Stage Crew

Yesenia Esparza, Stage Crew