FUHS Theatre

LAMDA Examinations

London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts Examinations

LAMDA exams are equivalent to an AP or IB exams except that they are performance based. You will prepare for the level you want to be adjudicated for and present in front of a LAMDA Examiner from London. 

The LAMDA Level 3 Certificate in Performance: Acting is designed to enable learners to develop a wide range of acting skills. Learners will perform their chosen scenes from memory, integrating their knowledge and skills to demonstrate a mature understanding of the material. There will be a sense of ownership and self-awareness. Presentation will be grounded in thorough and relevant preparation. Learners will combine physical and vocal flexibility to support and inform characterization and engage the audience.

Students at FUHS will take the Level 3 Examinations for either their Bronze, Silver, or Gold medals in Solo/Duet Acting and/or Solo/Duet Musical Theatre.